The millennium - Bible prediction a thousand years of peace on earth

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The Millennium in the Old Testament -By Dr. David R. Reagan -

A depiction of the Millennium by an unknown artist,
Jerusalem is shown in the background lifted up as the highest place on planet earth. (Isaiah 2:2) and Zechariah 14:10).
The glory of the lord beams forth from Jerusalem (Isaiah 24:23), and people come from all over the world to worship the King of kings (Zechariah 14:16-18).   Read more... »
Why a millennium?   Read more... »
The earth in prophecy   Read more... »


The Millennium – the Kingdom Age -By Geoff Wood -

Viewpoints on the Millennium
The term ‘millennium’ (Latin for 1,000) does not appear in the Bible, but it is synonymous with the 1,000 period referred to six times in Revelation 20. Why six times if this period is not important? There are differing viewpoints here. At Christ’s return some see the end of a millennial period on the earth and the start of a new heaven and a new earth (Postmillennialism).   Read more... »


The Second Resurrection - Copyright © 2006 Trumpet Ministries -

It is taught commonly that every person who is saved will participate in the first resurrection, and all other people—those who are reunited with their bodies at the end of the thousand-year Kingdom Age—will be assigned to eternal torment in the Lake of Fire.
It is our opinion that this doctrine is in error.   Read more... »


Bible texts referring to The 1000 Years

The next bible texts were referred within:  Go to the Site. » Isaiah 2:4
Isaiah 2:4         Isaiah 42:1
Isaiah 11:6-9     Isaiah 32:18
Isaiah 2:2-3       Zecharia 14
Zecharia 14:1-9