Create your own website:   Testing, Caching, Sitemaps & Customizing

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    Testing is mandatory

After every small or big change no matter how tight schedule
you have or you just changed a small comment inside the code,
you have testing due for the changed code.
Validate your work with World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)


Caching behaviour of Web browsers

Use CTRL-F5 To see the latest version of a website.
When a user visits a web page, the contents of that page
can be stored in the browser's cache so it doesn't need
to be re-requested and re-downloaded. Efficiently using
the browser cache can improve end user response times
and reduce bandwidth utilization. Continue reading »


Images are everywhere on the web

They are the most commonly shared content on social
media and every modern web page contains at least one
image while most contain a handful, a dozen, a hundred,
or more.
Yet despite their popularity, many websites are not
using images to their full potential. ☞ Continue reading


Less files: Customize Bootstrap

Choose which Less files to compile into your
custom build of Bootstrap.
Not sure which files to use? Read through
the CSS and Components pages in the docs.
☞ Continue reading


Why do you need a sitemap?

The goal of this website is to let you:
Create an XML sitemap that can be submitted to Google, Bing and other
search engines to help them crawl your website better.
Create a Text sitemap to have a plain list of all your pages.
Generate an HTML site map to allow website visitors to easily
navigate on your site. ☞ Continue reading


Create a visible sitemap

One Click Website TestingSortSite checks any website for broken links,
spelling errors, browser compatibility, accessibility, web standards
validation and search engine issues.
SortSite is a one-click web site testing tool used by federal agencies,
Fortune 100 corporations and independent consultancies. The tool is
available as a desktop application for Mac or Windows. ☞ Free Trial


Lifewire Tech Untangled

Tech How-To Guides & Tutorials
Technology can seem like magic until you learn how it works.
Our comprehensive and easy to understand tutorials on just about every
topic will have you using technology like a professional in no time.
Windows, Macs, iPad, iPhone & iPod, Android, Internet & Network, Linux etc...
available as a desktop application for Mac or Windows. ☞ Continue reading


The 11 golden rules to write content

To say the Internet is a crowded space is like saying there are a lot
of stars in the sky, sand on the beach, or atoms in a cell.
According to Internet Live Stats, there are more than 1.9 billion
websites in existence, more than 3.5 billion Google searches every
day, and roughly 350,000 tweets sent every minute.
☞ Continue reading


Colors by Jelena & Hexaclock by Jonathan

The original Color palette by Jelena Buljugic is found on☞ Login to join
Hexaclock by Jonathan Gotti is also found on☞ Login to join
Coding examples with Html, Css & Javascript merged to:
Toggle normal time display☞ Hexaclock & Color palette
In your browser right click to View Source on this or below on
items Snow animation and USA National Weather Forecast.


Sea at Night by Sasi-jj

The original Sea at Night by Sasi-jj is found on☞ Login to join
Coding examples with only Html, & Css
☞ Sea at Night by Sasi-jj
In your browser right click to View Source on this item or below on
items Snow animation and USA National Weather Forecast.


Why use JavaScript as programming language?

See the table on the left.

  • PHP can only be used for website backends
  • Python is mostly used for Data Scient and website backend
  • Ruby is used for scripts and website backends
  • JavaScript is used in Web Front-End, Back-End, Mobile, Desktop, and even TV apps

Source:   W3resource »


Snow animatiom by Nour Ibram

The original Snow animation by Nour Ibram is found
on (Login to join)
Modified to add buttons: Snow on & Snow off
Also Added buttons for YouTube items: Wallis & Bellwald.
☞ Snow animation


USA National Weather Forecast

JavaScript Fahrenhet to Celcius
Insert a number into one of the input fields below:
degrees Fahrenheit
degrees Celsius
Note that the Math.round() method is used; result will be returned as an integer.

Source: »


AER Weather app by Jaagrav

Search API on Google and you'll find it's actual meaning.
APIs give your ideas a very different yet a variety of different information that you
can play with. Click on the picture then replace Numansdorp by another city name.
See also the video on YouTube:   Developing Weather app »
You can check this code out here, modified in working condition and on  ☞ Sololearn ☞ Trains: More coding examples

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